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I would like to introduce
Edith Corse Evans
Edith is a SkellytonArt Original Design. She is A One Of A Kind and will not be reproduced.
She is the 1st of a series of Titanic victim dolls that I will be introducing.

Her story is sad and true.
Read at your own risk.
You too may become haunted by the victims and the accounts of the sinking of the greatest Floating Palace ever built, carrying down to watery graves more that 1,500 souls.

Miss Edith Corse Evans
Titanic Biographies> 1st Class Passengers
Miss Edith 36 was born on 21 September 1875. A resident of New York City, she boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg as a 1st class passenger. She occupied cabin A-29.

Miss Evans joined a group of sisters that were returning from a sad mission abroad where they had laid to rest a fourth sister. During the voyage they had come to know Colonel Archibald Gracie who had gallantly offered his services to the unaccompanied ladies.
In the early hours of April 15th after all main lifeboats had gotten away, Gracie guided Edith and the sisters as far as he could before being stopped by the 2nd officer to prevent a rush on the life boats.
Edith turned to one sister and said "You go first,you are married and have children waiting at home." Her friend stepped into the boat,but Edith faltered and the boat eventually left without her.
"Nevermind " she is said to have called out "I will go on a later boat!" She then ran away and was not seen by her friend again.
Colonel Gracie spoke of her in his book "The Truth About The Titanic"
"When we realized that the ship's lights we saw were not coming toward us our hopes of rescue were depressed."
"Miss Evans related to me the story that years ago in London she had been told by a fortune-teller to"Beware of Water" and "that now she knew she would be drowned"Though she gave voice to her story she showed no signs of fear."
"And as the last lifeboat was supposed to have departed, she was perfectly calm and did not revert again to the superstitious tale."
Colonel Archibald Gracie
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