Friday, February 24, 2012

Alice Mable Gray

Alice is a local legend here in NW Indiana. She was an such an amazing lady!
She was highly educated, and yet chose to escape the "slavery" of her life in Chicago. In 1915 she became a recluse and lived year round on the shores of Lake Michigan. Surviving the harsh weather at the Indiana Dunes in an abandoned shack for the next 7 years.

She was given unwanted notoriety when she was seen bathing nude on the shore by a fisherman trolling near by. Scores of newspaper men and sight seers haunted her constantly for the years she lived on the dunes. Across the country headlines read "Diana of the Dunes".
Her story was an inspiration for my Diana ghost doll. Visit her on Ebay to read more of her sad story.
Some say they have seen her there still. A ghostly lady swimming in the waves, or simply standing alone on the shore, the Northwest wind blowing her hair, there at the Dunes, Alice so dearly loved.